“Finally! A Coaching Program For Fitness Professionals That Teaches You How To Create, Market, and Sell Your Fitness Knowledge and Expertise Online as an Information Product…

…and Shows You How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Starting An Online Info Business…”

Dear Friend,

I’m not exactly sure how you found this website.

Maybe a friend referred you to this site…

…or maybe you just happened to stumble upon it while searching for a way to take your knowledge and expertise and turn it into an online information product.

Or maybe you want to increase your income and help more people around the world…

or maybe it was just fate… I don’t really know.

Whatever the reason is that got you here, I’m glad you made it.

I want you to know something; I’M NOT GOING TO SELL YOU ANYTHING.

This isn’t a fancy sales letter designed to sell you on joining a mastermind group.

Odds are, you’re on this site because you have an idea for an information product that can help thousands of people worldwide like an (Ebook, Manuals, DVDs, Online “Follow Along” Videos or a maybe Membership Site) that you want to bring to market and sell online…

OR, maybe you already have an online info business already but you’re ready to take it to the next level of sales and profits by “tuning in your sales funnel”, driving tons more traffic to your offer, and getting your site and offer to convert better.

Like I said, I’m not here to sell you anything. You already know in your gut if you’re ready to join a high level coaching program like the one I’m going to tell you about on this page… and you’re here because you probably want some facts and details about our 100K INFO GROUP mastermind program and how it works so you can make an informed decision… so lets just cut straight to the chase, okay?

Actually, before we do that, watch the video below to get a “fly on the wall” look inside the 100K Info Mastermind Group…

So What Exactly is the 100K Info Group Mastermind?

The “100K Group” as it’s known, is a 12-month mastermind and coaching program dedicated to taking you from idea to product and from product to market to get you on pace for AT LEAST $100,000/year income by the end of the 12 month program. For some, this comes even sooner as you’ll read about in the success stories and case studies down below.

And if you already have an online information program or products and but need help with your marketing, sales copy, and traffic so that you can take your sales to the next level then this is the higher level coaching that can get you there.

In fact, this coaching program has literally added millions of dollars to the bottom lines of many of the highest level fitness info marketers who’s names you already know and recognize.

How Does the Mastermind Work?

We meet as a group three times a year, for an entire weekend. Lots of work… and some play. Each mastermind meeting is designed to do three things…

  1. Figure out where you are in your business.
  2. Figure out where you want to be in the next 90 days.
  3. Give you the exact action steps that you need to do to get there.

The mastermind meetings are lead by Bedros Keuilian (that’s me) and Craig Ballantyne who each generate multiple 7 figures online and collectively have over 32 online income streams and a proven track record of over a decade each in information marketing, coaching and consulting.

A simple Google search will give you all the details about these two industry pioneers, who also happen to be a couple of really cool cats.

But I’ll save you the Google search and tell you a little bit about them.
Craig Ballantyne has been published in more health and fitness magazines then I can list here.

He’s the author of Turbulence Training and 24/7 Fat Loss both 7 figure generating information products. Craig has also authored and co-authored over a twenty different fitness and fat loss programs online giving himself additional hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and helping millions of people worldwide.
In addition to his massive success in the fitness info space Craig is also the publisher and co-owner of Early To Rise an online community that reaches 300,000 people each day with health, wealth, mindset and motivation.
Over the years Craig has duplicated his success with multiple info products and online businesses making him the online business coach sought out by many of the TOP earning fitness info marketers on the planet.

In fact Craig has coached, consulted and mentored industry legends like Vince DelMonte, Joel Marion, Adam Steer, Isabel De Los Rois, and a slew of other top fitness internet marketers – all 7 figure earners in online fitness info marketing.


Bedros Keuilian has been called the hidden genius behind many of the biggest names in the fitness industry – including top celebrity trainers that you’ve seen on networks such as ABC and NBC.
Bedros is CEO and president of multiple corporations, all seven figure generating businesses in fitness business building, live events, information marketing, coaching and consulting programs, and Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise, the #1 and fastest growing fitness franchise on the planet with hundreds of locations worldwide.
With over a decade in experience Bedros has not only created multiple seven figure businesses, but he’s also helped thousands of fitness professionals create multiple six and seven figure businesses in niche markets such as fat loss, strength training, diet programs, muscle building, supplements and global franchises.

What will you get from the Program?

This 12 month coaching and mastermind program is designed to do one thing… to fast track your fitness information product to market and help you reach thousands of new clients and customers online.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn…

  • How to Create Products That Your Market is Ready To Buy
  • How to Set Your Online Business up for Massive Success
  • The Difference Between Creating a Promotion and a True Business
  • The Secret to Finding Choosing A Niche Market That’s Ready to Buy
  • How to Find, Attract and Get The Support Of Top Affiliates
  • How to Reach Your Ideal Customers By Masses On The Internet
  • How To Create High Value Ebooks, Manuals, and Professional Videos On A Budget
  • The Secrets Buying Traffic From Facebook and Google For Dirt Cheap
  • How To Create The Right Product Type For Your Target Market
  • How to Craft Sales Copy That’s Speaks Directly To Your Customers and Moves Them Buy
  • How to Create Upsells That Compliment Your Main Program and Boost Sales and Conversion
  • How to Set Up a Blog, Membership Site and Sale Site That’s Gets Tons of Traffic On a Budget
  • How to Write Compelling Emails That Position You As The Expert And Build a Tribe
  • How to Become an Expert Wordsmith and Copywriter In Your Niche Market
  • How to Create, Position and Sell Membership and Continuity Based Programs
  • How To Quickly Build a Massive and Responsive Email List
  • How To Dominate Content Platforms Such As YouTube to Generate Tons Of Traffic
  • How To Use a Few Simple Tweaks To Position Yourself and Your Sites On Top of Search Engines
  • How To Create Successful Product Launches That Sell Tons of Products
  • Get Access To Our Resource List of Proven and Trusted Web Designers, Web Programers, SEO Guys, and Copywriters
  • How To Test, Track, And Measure Traffic, Sales, and Conversion For Maximum Profits and ROI
  • Get Introductions (where appropriate) To Top Affiliate Who Can Put Your Product On Map With A Simple Email Blast
  • How to Create A Publishing Empire, Coaching Programs, and Run Live Events (the right way)
  • Get Access To A Built In Army Of Affiliates Within The 100K Info Mastermind Group Who Can Help You Quickly Launch Your Product And Make It Profitable
  • Get Accountability, Action Steps, Motivation, Constant Direction and Support

In between the mastermind meetings you’ll have access to our private online group where each and every day the group is sharing their newest promotions that are working for them and the big business breakthroughs they’re having so that you can easily swipe and model their success.

Speed of success is amplified because of the online group and the constant sharing of what’s working now to drive more traffic and boost sales and conversion.

It’s kind of like a family… but much, much cooler.

Plus, each month you get access to Bedros and Craig via email as well as a monthly coaching call to answer any questions you might have and to give you direction and specific action steps when you need it most.

As you probably already know online information marketing is the ultimate freedom business and this mastermind program is designed to help you get there faster than you every thought possible.
Being a member of the 100K Info Group comes with a lot of perks and privileges that will grow your faster than you every thought possible – which you’ll learn about once you, fill out the “Member Interest Form” down below.

If you’re a hard worker, driven, have a product idea or already have an info product but want to boost sales and increase your profits then the next step is for you to fill out the Mastermind Candidate Application down below.

But first check out what some of the members in the 100K Info Group have to say about the mastermind coaching program…

From: Tyler Bramlett
Subject: Hey guys, thank you SOO much!
To: Craig Balntyne, Bedros Keuilian

Hey Guys,

Wanted to thank you soo much for your guidance and support over the last few years! We ended up doing 21,000 sales during this last launch and over $500,000 gross =D Over $100K in my pocket as well =D

Attached is a video for you guys!

I started the Info Mastermind on May 10, 2012, it was my very first mastermind. Walking in I had No blog, No Sales Page, No Buyer List, No Followers, No clickbank account. No nothing. What I did have was a passion for Pilates, the burning desire, drive and determination to make it happen.

With marching orders in hand, after the mastermind I put myself on “Lock Down” mode and worked my Booty off to GSD! I filmed and edited over 20 hours of footage, got my sales page up, put together the entire upsell flow, created a crazy amount of content for bonuses and guest blog posts. Got my blog up, wrote blog posts every single week.

Two months after the mastermind I launched my product on July 7, 2012. I made my first clickbank sale! I had never sold an information product online and I went from $0 to $1,023 just in this first launch.

It’s only the beginning! I’ve create more Pilates programs, steadily increased my buyers list, followers list, and facebook fans. Being part of the mastermind has been the most positive life-changing decision I have ever made, for my son and I.

The info groups support, knowledge and guidance from the top performers in the industry is unreal. The group encourages each other to push forward no matter what. This group is filled with Powerful Action takers who help along the way. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to add value and be part of something so Amazing!

Thank you Bedros and Craig!

Sylvia Favela

The past six months of being a part of the Info Mastermind group have been nothing short of life changing. I was really scared about joining the mastermind group in the beginning. I was strapped for cash and I just opened a fitness facility in Michigan. In total honesty, it wasn’t necessarily a “perfect time” to commit to something of this caliber, but I put my doubt on the back burner and took the leap of faith. Boy am I glad I did!

Within the first four months of being a part of the mastermind we grossed over $20,000 off of one product. The TT Boot Camp Games product was totally fast tracked to success with the help of the mastermind and the members. I don’t want you to think I am making this up, so here is the literal timeline of what happened in my life:

June – made the product and filmed all bonuses in one week.

July – website development and affiliate recruitment

August – Boot Camp Games Launch

September – My clickbank account read $18,576.23!

And I am still banking from this product that launched months ago!

Currently, I am working on an entire brand of games geared toward fitness related businesses. None of this would have been possible in this time frame without the guidance, network and support of the mastermind group. This was the best move I have ever made and I am so blessed to work with Bedros, Craig and the amazing individuals who make up this mastermind.

Brian Kalakay

Hey Bedros & Craig,

I was just putting the finishing touches on the promo that Bedros and I were talking about on the phone last week. I am so excited to see how it goes and it got me thinking of where I was only two years ago before I joined your Info Mastermind.

I was face-to-face training 63 hours per week in my studio and as much as I love training athletes, I knew I was getting burned out.

At that time I dreamed of making $15,000 online – imagining the freedom that would buy me. I mean, with money like that I could take off Wednesday mornings and maybe get home by 5pm on Fridays.

Within the first year of joining the Mastermind I was earning $26, 427 – this year I am on target for over $61,000.

So I just wanted to say thanks guys, not for the extra $61,000 this year, but for the freedom. I am no longer a slave to my training studio. I love training clients again and Paul and I have way more time to spend together. Our two-week hiking trip to Scotland, Ireland and England – that was thanks to you guys. We have been able to invest in a vacation property at a ski resort and just do more of the things we love.

You have inspired me and given me the belief in myself that I will hit 6-figures in the next 12-months even with my very small niche market. Thanks again for elevating my game. Investing in your coaching is the single best business decision I have ever made.

Thank you Bedros and Craig!

Maria Mountain

I joined the Info Mastermind group at the Fitness Business Summit last year (March 2012). Even though I didn’t have the money to pay for it (at the time), I handed over my credit card info. Yes, it’s a lot of money BUT I can honestly say I felt like I didn’t have a choice. I knew I had the BIG IDEA and either I invested in my business and myself, and start to take massive action or I could go home and do the same things that weren’t working.

I attended the 1-day private Mastermind group at B’s house and got my marching orders. I went home and did what he said. I went from NO monthly recurring revenue and about 23 pay-as-you-go licensee’s to having over 53 licnesee’s with 17 of those paying a monthly fee, guaranteeing myself $5,887 per month every month for the next 12 months. That’s $70,644 guaranteed over the next year over and above what I make from my 6 clinics. In the 7 short months that I’ve been a part of the Info MM group I’ve revamped both my websites, went from having 0 emails on my list to having two lists with about 900 emails, I’ve been on TV numerous times, have articles published in Canadian Living Magazine, Today’s Parent, Fitness Professionals Online Magazine and a bunch of local newspapers.

I’ve shared the stage with Brad King and Brendan Brazier of Vega. Being a part of this Info Mastermind group is like having a family that provides unconditional love and support regardless of the size of the goal. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, overwhelming and sometimes scary but when you have the expert guidance from B and CB along with the incredible wealth of knowledge from everyone in the group cheering you on, it’s easy to take massive action, achieve your goals and dream bigger.

My simple advice to you, which is advice I got Rebecca Tabbert while standing in line for the women’s washroom at the FBS when I asked her how she justified the price tag is, “if you are ready to take MASSIVE action then go for it. It’s all about taking action and doing what B and CB tell you.” Thank you B, CB and everyone in my MM group, you helped me to realize my potential and I am now on my way to living my life of freedom!

Lori Kennedy

When I joined the 100K Mastermind group in August of 2011, I had one information product which was generating under $50,000 per year. After working with Bedros, Craig and an incredible new support system my income skyrocketed to $288,000 in the first three months.

Surrounding myself with like-minded people and some of the world’s most cutting-edge marketers and business strategists has propelled me and my business to heights that I never could have achieved alone. I have personally witnessed several other group members catapult their businesses far beyond what they thought possible. I honestly believe that joining this group has been the single biggest turning point in my business and has redefined what I believe I can accomplish.

I now have an entire line of products and coaching programs which will take me to the next level. After my first year in this program I have netted nearly $600,000 and will break the million dollar mark within eighteen months of joining. I could never thank Bedros and Craig for all that they have done for my business and life. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone out there who is considering joining this group to give it a try. It can change everything for you.

Dr. Mark Costes

In September of 2011, I had a non-existent online business and I was working long hours as a trainer and gym manager, all while my wife was a 6th grade math teacher. That’s why I decided to join the info mastermind. I knew I could be doing something bigger.

Just a short 10 months later, I had a 12K month from my online business! But more importantly, my online business allowed my wife to become a stay-at-home Mom, which was our big goal. That was really important to me and I couldn’t have accomplished that without the support of the info mastermind group. I have also been able to free myself from the long hours at the gym, as my business is all online now.

The info mastermind group has supported me since day one. With the coaching and support, my online business went from 0 to a 12K month in just 10 months!

Mike Whitfield

I just wanted to share my story of the great success I’ve seen over the last 12 months after joining Bedros’ and Craig’s Info Mastermind Group.

I first join the Info Mastermind Group while attending Bedros’ Fitness Business Summit back in 2011. At the time I had a few info products done, but I hadn’t pushed them out too hard yet. I didn’t know what I needed to do. This was my second time to Fitness Business Summit and I told myself that I wasn’t going to leave without joining one of Bedros’ masterminds. It took me all weekend, but I
finally got myself signed up!

It was a HUGE step, but I quickly saw my initial investment come back within just weeks. I launched my Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight Product and it made a huge hit with my people. In just the week of launching it to my small list of people, I made around 3K! That’s when I became a believer!

From there things only got better. I started putting more and more of my ideas into ACTION. The mastermind group pushed me forward and helped me stay focused and on the right track.

In 2011, I ended up making just over 15K in online sales through my different ebooks and coaching programs. As I write this, it’s early October of 2012 and I can proudly say that I’ve officially blown away my goal of making 50K online for the year and am now and approaching the 75K mark!

This has been a combination of being coached by Craig and Bedros plus having the rest of the Info Group as support. Everyone is driven and wants to see each other succeed and when you have that sort of combo, your potential of being successful goes through the roof.

This group has helped show me how I can make a difference online. Before, I didn’t know how to get my ideas and products out there to help the people that needed my help, but this group has allowed me to grow and to reach more people.

Bottom Line – The more people I can help get results, the better.

From here, I plan to stay apart of the Info Mastermind Group. I will continue to grow even bigger and to make even more great things happen and as a bonus, it’s nice to know that I’ve got a team to back me up.

Big thanks to Craig and Bedros for putting together this amazing group!

Travis Stoetzel

When I first started with Craig and Bedros, I was looking for a way to use the internet as a tool to reach a wider audience. My initial 5 year goal was to help 1 million people improve their health. I reached 1 million in less than 18 months. My email list size was originally 500 people. Since joining the mastermind, I have grown it to over 30,000. In addition, I have created a social media fan base of about 75,000 people.

The tools and techniques I have learned have allowed me to multiply my online sales 11 times over, and the people and contacts I have been able to make in the mastermind are an invaluable asset to my success. Bottom line – if you are looking for an inexpensive way to grow your online business and accelerate your success, this mastermind is where it’s at.

Dr. Osborne

I would not be where I am now without Bedros, Craig and the Info Mastermind.

Back in 2010, I started making sales online and needed guidance on what to focus in on, connections with other online business and help on building a real online business.

I joined the group in July 2010 and at breakfast, of the first meeting, it started to pay off. Bedros sat down with me during breakfast and gave me a few tips on what I should do with my sales page. These few tips help double my conversions which made affiliates happy when I did my first $20,000 launch a few weeks after the first Info Mastermind meeting.

By the end of 2010, being a part of the group helped me reach $100,000 in revenue. In 2011, I hit $200,000 and I am on track for $400,000 for 2012.

Bedros, Craig and the rest of the Info Mastermind group keep helping me focus my business, connect me with important people and add bigger pieces to my business.

Rick Kaselj

I started with the info mastermind group with Bedros and Craig in the fall of 2009. At that point I had no info product, no sales site and limited computer skills. Between that time and now, I’ve developed several info programs. I started with FemaleFatLossOver40.com, then did VirtualFatFurnace.com and online coaching with this community, both of those program are doing amazingly well.

I’ve since launched ChallengeWorkouts.com and BootCampChallengeWorkouts.com and plan on adding an online coaching component to this as well. I”ve recently enjoyed my first $10G month and topped it with an $11G month right after. The mastermind group is invaluable support in terms of knowledge, encouragement and specific action steps to take my online business to the next level. I could not have achieved any of this without the help of my mentors and the mastermind group!

Shawna Kaminski

If you want to learn more and find out if the 100K Info Group is right for you, just fill out the applicant interest form below and we’ll set up a ten minute call to see if this mastermind program is right for you and how we it can help you take your info product into massive success.

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